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In our practice, we apply standards of treatment which allow to achieve good, predictable result. These standards must be applied by all our doctors. Our head physician analyses conducted treatment and achieved results on weekly basis. In some cases, the head physician conducts supervisory examinations of patients in his office.

Warranty service is performed on the basis of warranty regulation. You can find it on the website or directly in the center. After the treatment is completed, the guarantee document signed by your doctor is issued. It contains warranty period.

Note that the warranty period is less than the life span of the completed work. It is very difficult to say how long the treated tooth will last. There is a great number of factors which influence this, including:

  • diet;
  • stress and tension;
  • environment of your residence place.

Granting our warranty, we promise that, within the specified period, the work will comply with the requirements.

The warranty covers only treatment completed in our center. By any reason, you may finish your treatment in another center, so the warranty will be provided by another organization.

You may complete with us the treatment started in another center. In this case, the warranty is provided by our center.

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"We picked up experts who live the work, burn with it, care for the patients. Our doctors aspire to the best, modern and reliable. It is the real group of the adherents rallied by long-term successful collaboration."
Tatyana Grishina
Chief physician of STs "Edelweiss"
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