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Why can it be profitable for an insurance company to collaborate with Edelweiss dentistry center:

High quality of treatment, diagnostics and services for the insured persons

Edelweiss dentistry center is the largest private dentistry center in Togliatti; it realizes complex approach to the treatment of patients. The center conducts therapeutic, orthopedic, surgical, periodontological consultations.

      • Edelweiss dentistry center has all types of licenses for provided services.

      • The center has a professional team of doctors, who have done trainings in the leading dentistry centers of Russia.
      • The center has the latest equipment and the work is done using the best materials. All this allows us to sustain high standards of dentistry services.
      • At the same time, the center’s policy is directed to reasonably optimize costs. We do not procure alternative “trendy” and expensive materials, which would unreasonably overprice services, and would move our center in the class of exclusive ones. Following this policy we believe that our center provides the best ratio of price and quality in Togliatti.
      • On the basis of the guidelines applied in the Russian dentistry practice, the center has developed its internal standards of treatment and services, implementation of which is permanently supervised by our managers.
      • Presence of radiovisiograph allows both the center and an insurance company to control medical standards.

2. Transparent informational environment of the center— possibility to control payments for the insured person

The center keeps all the necessary medical records in the form according to the legislation of the Russian Federation. The entire managing document flow, medical documents and records are kept via special software of automated information system of the center in which doctors and administration work. Work with this program allows:

      • To systematize and archive all the medical and financial information on insured patient and to provide easy access for the experts from insurance company to this archive.
      • In automatic quoting of treatment for patients of each insurance company to create their own price list which considers specific character of PHI (private health insurance) program and the exceptions. Thus, already at program and administrative level, we exclude charge for procedures which are not comprised in standard PHI program with this insurance company.
      • If you wish to monitor important statistic indices to control the “red ink”: number of patients of the center from one insurance company for a period, average payments for the visits of the insured persons.
      • To set the insurance limit for each insured person. The program informs the staff of approaching the time of payments on this insured person to the insurance limit.
      • To set franchise system for the patient and in future to form separate invoices for the insurance company and private person.
      • To create registers with treatment description for invoices for insurance company in the form satisfying the company

3. Predictability of price policy

In concluding contract with our center, we are ready to provide insurance company with the order of payment by our price list in standard nosologic units, to enable this company to compare our prices with the prices of other centers. To increase predictability of price level in the center, in working with insurance companies, we set fixed prices for one year and make changes to the price list once a year.

4. Possibility to apply any PHI scheme in the center

Due to automated information system available in our center, it is possible for our center to work with an insurance company by most of PHI schemes available at the market:

    • Classic risk scheme with payment upon completion
    • Deposit scheme
    • On registration of the insured persons

Work with entering franchise into insurance scheme

Depending on the listed schemes and number of extensions in PHI program, payments for insured persons’ visits may vary in wide boundaries. Edelweiss dentistry center is ready to offer its own initial data, for insurance company to calculate and forecast payments for insured person, depending on the scheme of collaboration.

If you find our offer interesting, we would like to suggest meeting us and discuss possibility of our collaboration in details.

Contact person:

Tatiana Sergeyevna Grishina — chief executive officer
Phone: + 7 (8482) 516-000 Postal address: 90 A, Dzerzhinskogo street, Togliatti, Samara region, 445032, Russian Federation

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"We picked up experts who live the work, burn with it, care for the patients. Our doctors aspire to the best, modern and reliable. It is the real group of the adherents rallied by long-term successful collaboration."
Tatyana Grishina
Chief physician of STs "Edelweiss"
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