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Provision on a guarantee

Limited Liability Company “Dental Center” Edelweiss “. The position of the “Order of the guarantee for dental services»

1.1 General

In accordance with the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” organization is obliged to establish the warranty period for services. This provision defines the terms of the guarantee for medical services and procedures for their establishment.

Dental Center Administration said that all the work and services performed under the license, the materials are purchased from certified suppliers, dental work made in a licensed laboratory. All materials are permitted for use in Russia.

If you have any comments on the works and services the patient should contact the administrator (by phone or in person), and explain the essence of the comments register for free admission to the attending physician.

Perform warranty free of charge to the patient.

During the warranty period, patients are considered comments on the written request of the established form. The application form can be obtained from the center administrator.

1.2 Warranty for certain types of services

1.2.1 Warranty for prosthesis (orthopedic operation)

The warranty on the orthopedic work. The warranty for the preparation of a prosthesis (therapeutic treatment) is defined in section 1.2.2 “Warranty therapeutic treatment.”

For permanent fixed prosthetic works include:

  • Metal-ceramic, metal-and-cast crowns, including Combinations of these crowns – bridges construction;

  • Metal-free crowns (prosthesis using “Fabrekor” system, pressed ceramics, composite crowns);

The warranty on the work of 1 year.

For permanent removable orthopedic works include:

  • Complete, partial dentures, clasp dentures (with Microcastle or mikrozatsepami);

The warranty on the work of 1 year.

By the time an orthopedic works include:

  • temporary crowns;

  • temporary replacement prostheses.

On permanent orthopedic work is warranted one (1) year . At the age of orthopedic work is warranted until their replacement by permanent structures, but not more than six (6) months .

The warranty for permanent orthopedic work is available for the following items:

  • Loss of artificial teeth of prosthetic fracture prosthesis plastics, destruction Microcastle (attachments) and mikrozatsepov (clasps).

Please note , that temporary orthopedic constructions have to be replaced by permanent. Recommended term of wearing temporary structures determined by a dentist and must be brought to your attention to an entry in the map. If for some reason (the fault of the patient) temporary structures are not replaced by permanent, no further liability on the dental center and a dentist removed.

The warranty for permanent orthopedic work starts from the moment of registration of the warranty card, which defines the scope of work performed and the warranty period.

Guarantee for temporary orthopedic work starts from the date of installation of temporary structures in the patient’s mouth and confirmed by an entry in the medical map. At the request of the patient’s can be issued a guarantee or statement of medical cards.

The possible reduction of the guarantee cases

According to the law on “Protection of Consumer Rights” shortened the warranty period for orthopedic operation can be set. On reducing the warranty period on the orthopedic operation dentist must inform the patient. The warranty period shall be specified in the warranty card.

Existing medical prosthetics techniques do not allow a full warranty period (1 year) in the presence of the following diagnoses or incidents:

  • The presence of tooth mobility. The warranty period establishes the doctor;

  • Have a diagnosis of gum disease: periodontal disease, periodontal disease. A prerequisite of the guarantee is to carry out a course of professional hygiene 1 once a year.

The warranty period establishes the doctor depending on the severity of gum disease;
In the absence of clear medical indications for the implementation of certain types of prosthesis and the patient’s desire to get the job done in a specific pattern dentist has the right to establish the warranty period for prosthesis 1 month, after notifying the patient. All alterations (changes in the structure, a therapeutic preparation for prosthetic teeth) performed by the patient.

Important: Prior to discharge the patient on the warranty card orthopedic operation the patient has every right to demand rework /correction work on reason.:

  • the work carried out does not comply with aesthetic requirements (not truly made the color, size or shape of a tooth);

  • work performed does not correspond to a specific plan of prosthetics (treatment plan).

Observance of the operating prosthesis (pastes and the use of special toothbrushes, cleaning tablets, etc.). To facilitate the timely detection of complications and avoid the aggravation (deterioration) due to health performed orthopedic treatment, the patient agrees to undergo the control (preventive) inspection intervals established by the doctor, but at least once a year. The patient is aware that the possible complications, early detection (in the baseline survey) and established a dentist properly (ie, in accordance with accepted procedures) will not cause adverse health effects. Delay control survey by the patient for more than 3 months leads to the termination of the guarantee.

1.2.2 Warranty Therapeutic Treatment

Refers to both therapeutic treatment of diseases the treatment of caries, pulpitis and periodontitis (the last two are associated with root canal treatment), cosmetic dentistry (restoration or change of original shape and tooth color without prosthetic replacement /adjustment of the seals), preparation (treatment) under the denture teeth.

The guarantee takes effect from the date of completion of the treatment of a particular tooth. Signs of the end of the treatment is:

  • the treatment of caries – posed a permanent seal;

  • the treatment of caries complications (pulpitis and periodontitis) – posed a constant seal and permanent root canal filling;

Warranty is issued after each completed treatment of the tooth.

1 year warranty

The foregoing warranty applies to a particular object, namely:

  • staged seal is not broken, do not fall. You can change the color tone 1 (in the direction of lightening or darkening), which is adjusted by a dentist during the control examination for smokers (subject to passage by Prof. hygiene 2 times a year.);

  • in the treatment of dental caries tooth decay is stopped, there is no secondary caries (black strip around the seal);

  • on the restoration of the tooth crown by using pin structures (fiberglass and anchor pins) without further prosthetics;

  • on the primary root canal treatment if possible complete patency and permanent root canal filling gutta-percha pins;

  • the absence of fracture fillings in the treatment (retreatment) teeth is warranted to seal (including using the pin), without the need for further prosthetics;

  • to the correct choice of methods of treatment and the right delivered the initial diagnosis.

Reduced warranty. Combined guarantee. Disclaimer of Warranty

Due to a clear prediction of treatment outcome difficulties it may provide a shortened warranty in the following cases:

  • for the treatment of a tooth having direct indications for the further prosthesis (cover prosthetic crown) guarantee granted for a period of three (3) months. The destruction of the tooth crown (partial or complete destruction of the seals, tooth loss fillings) within the warranty period free redesigns;
  • when re-treatment of root canals (endodontic treatment) and non-road capabilities of root canals for the reasons: strong curvature, not the ability to complete unsealing, the possibility of partial passage (not possible to pass part of the channel to the desired length) – disclaimer. On seal guarantee can be given in full (ie 1 year).

  • Removing debris hidden tool, closing cutting (perforation) of the root canal walls in the treatment of other medical establishment – disclaimer. On seal guarantee can be given in full (ie 1 year).

In the presence of restrictive conditions to provide a full guarantee for 1 year is possible to provide combined guarantee: separately on root canal treatment, separately supplied to the seal.

The warranty on the work and services in restorative dentistry begins with the completion of treatment (ie, setting the permanent filling). In the case of replacement of the temporary medical root canal filling, temporary filling in the constant in another hospital (unless otherwise agreed with the doctor and not recorded in the medical card) is not the basis for the provision of guarantees on the treatment by the dental center. In consideration of those comments to the patient will be denied.

In the case of setting a temporary filling for a certain period of time (determined by the dentist) before the next visit of the designated and skip the visit to replace a temporary seal on the constant for more than 5 days may result in the need for re-treatment of root canals. Payment is carried out by treatment of the patient. The warranty period covers the time from the moment of temporary filling before the scheduled visit to the dentist to replace it by a constant.

To facilitate the timely detection of complications and avoid the aggravation (worsening) of health as a result of therapeutic treatment performed, the patient agrees to undergo the control (preventive) inspection intervals established by the doctor, but at least once a year.

The patient is aware that possible complications detected in a timely manner (in the baseline survey) and the elimination of a dentist properly (ie, in accordance with accepted procedures) will not cause adverse health effects. Delay control survey by the patient for more than 3 months leads to the termination of the guarantee.

1.2.3 Warranty for surgical treatment

After surgery, dental clinic ensures:

  • within 6 months will not
  • complications arise

  • Remove carried out completely (ie no teeth particles).

When any signs of health deterioration after surgery is necessary to address immediately to the dental center administrator.

Warranty on periodontal treatment (Section restorative dentistry)

Periodontal treatment (treatment of gum disease) is directed to the elimination or suspension of the disease. Each case depends on many factors (the general state of the organism, taking certain medicines; nutrition; oral hygiene – brushing teeth periodicity; strict compliance with the recommendations of the attending physician). Guaranteed outcome of treatment is determined individually in each case.

During the procedure a “complex occupational health” guarantees that all will be removed dental plaque (hard and soft), the teeth will become natural color.

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